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We specialise in all aspects of residential and nursing challenges. Our consultants have experience at levels of Operations Director and Regional Managers with a long-standing track record of success and experience.

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Aurora Care Group - Consultancy

We know that financial viability and high quality care can be achieved together and that both areas are vitally important to the sustainability of the business. We operate within the parameters set by our clients and also within all legislation governing care facility provision.
Our projects can be short or long term and as large or small as our clients require. Our projects will be discussed and a desired outcome agreed, progress reports will be given at agreed timescales. We know that the reputation of Aurora Care Group is built upon the recommendation of our clients and therefore the satisfaction of our clients is paramount in our objectives.

“It is our aim to guide, support and advise providers to achieve success within their care facility.”

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Regulation and Care Standards

Assisting and supporting homes facing regulatory challenges, such as adverse inspection reports, low star ratings and enforcement action, and advising on essential documentation such as the Statement of Purpose and Service User Guide. We have considerable knowledge of the practical application of the law in relation to the Care Standards Act 2000.

We are skilled in writing improvement plans in response to statutory requirements and enforcement action, and will help guide owners and managers through the process of compliance. We also regularly write statements of purpose and service user guides on behalf of care home and agency owners.

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Our experts have had many years experience with running care homes effectively and within budget. Some of the ways we can help your care home perform well financially are:

  • Analysis of profit and loss accounts to identify areas not performing to industry average, identifying why and action to resolve.

  • Fee analysis.

  • Analysis and recommendation in relation to staff % costs per individual home.

  • Increasing financial growth through expansion, development and commissioning of new builds.

  • Preparation of proposals and feasibility studies, to identify areas for growth and progression.

  • Experience in applying for tenders and submitting proposals both to Social Services, CSCI and Care Commission.

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Advising on the operation of care homes to achieve the highest quality of service for residents, and assuring the quality including completion of AQAAs. We can assist in the following areas:

  • Supporting owners in successfully challenging unreasonable demands for minimum staffing levels, particularly in areas where regulators have been well known for demanding higher staffing levels than in most other areas.

  • Providing a workable and well-researched model for matching staffing and skill mix to dependency.

  • Advising on the deployment of staff and the organisation of work to deliver a high quality service to residents.

  • Providing advice and training sessions on the AQAAs (Annual Quality Assurance Assessments) required by CSCI, and advising on the content of the supporting Evidence File.

  • Advising on meeting the requirements of Regulations in relation to Quality Assurance, specifically full QA systems, resident feedback questionnaires, Annual Development Plans, and Improvement Plans.

  • Undertaking disciplinary investigations and hearings including appeals.

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Contracts and Marketing

Assisting with the negotiation of contracts with commissioners of care, and with reinstatement of suspended contracts; maximising the home's income; advertising. Aurora Care Group advises on maximising occupancy levels where this has been a problem; we know the techniques that really work. We have assisted home owners to promote and advertise their services to the right target audience, including the design of brochures and writing effective letters to secure referrals. Contracts with Social Services are often based on a limited fee agreement; a “one price fits all” policy. Residents have different needs; based on dependency levels, we use a model where the actual care required can be costed, which informs negotiations with the commissioning bodies – specifically Social Services and Primary Care Trusts. The true cost of care needs to be reflected in the fees.



Training owners, managers and staff on the requirements of the legislation, National Minimum Standards, and on direct care issues such as care planning and the delivery of care. We have provided training to owners and managers on their responsibilities under the Care Standards Act 2000 and the associated Regulations. Although much of this training is undertaken on a 1:1 basis, Aurora Care Group has delivered sessions to groups of home managers and senior managers of medium and large group care home providers.
Sessions have included training how and when to challenge regulatory requirements. We have specific skills in training nurses on care planning and record-keeping. As well as providing direct training to staff, we advise owners and managers on record-keeping systems, including computer-based records. We can advise on staff supervision, and can undertake supervision sessions with managers.


Complaints Against Your Business

Resolving difficult complaints and assisting with serious issues such as Coroner’s Inquests and Adult Protection Alerts. We can provide support in the following areas:

  • With considerable experience in dealing with difficult complaints from residents and families, Aurora can assist in negotiating a resolution, including undertaking independent investigations, meeting with complainants and regulators, and drafting correspondence.

  • Assisting owners and managers with adult protection issues. This includes assisting homes to overcome constraints applied through Adult Protection activity. These constraints usually include lengthy suspensions of Social Services contracts.

  • Untoward Incidents: We can assist in investigating the causes, and identify how to manage risks effectively.

  • Assisting homes with Coroner’s inquests and legal proceedings. This has included attendance at inquests assisting Counsel to present cases.

Our team of experts is ready to help you develop strategies for not only surviving, but thriving in the future.

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Consultancy: Services
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